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Adobe Phonegap Build – Package Mobile Apps in Cloud

Adobe Phonegap Build – Package Mobile Apps in Cloud

April 2, 2013 16:47

With Phonegap you can use your existing skills of HTML, CSS & Javascript to develop Mobile Apps. But the major task is to package these apps for different mobile platform using different SDK’s and sometimes even different machines. Phonegap Build comes in handy here, it provides a cloud based solution which packages your apps for all the platforms. The advantage here is you can concentrate on your apps code than worrying about its compilation.

Phonegap Build is a powerful and fast solution to package the apps on different platforms in just one click. All you need to do is upload your www folder in zip format and u get your packages. Alternatively you can also connect it to your Github account.

It is highly recommended to read the docs before you jump into compiling. There are few points to remember before you upload the files. The most important is deleting your local phonegap/cordova js file from folder and including only the reference for phonegap.js in your index file.

Happy Building….

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