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Device Detection – WURFL

Device Detection – WURFL

October 18, 2012 11:21

As more and more devices are launched, the misery for developers is increasing. With a large pool of devices available, the need for developers to reach their consumers on all the devices has increased. With different form factors developers have the challenge to serve their content more efficiently to these devices.

WURFL, the Wireless Universal Resource File, is a Device Description Repository (DDR). It’s a framework that enables applications to map HTTP requests to a description of the capability of the devices that requests the page.

In simple words it is a global database of all the devices and API to tap that information. For e.g. it gives information like whether the device which access the page is tablet, its resolutions, supported CSS properties etc.

Official API’s for WURFL are available in .NET, PHP, Database (Tera-WURFL) & JAVA.

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