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3D – Flash Player 11, Stage 3D, Starling & Game Engines

3D – Flash Player 11, Stage 3D, Starling & Game Engines

March 29, 2012 13:01

While exploring Starling Framework, came across few interesting links and articles on Game Engines, 3D and Stage 3D.

Starling is a pure Actionscript 3 Game Engine for Flash which can take advantage of Flash 11’s GPU accelerated Stage3D graphics. Important point is its Open Source & Free, Platform independent & Adobe is supporting its development. More details on Starling.

Stage 3D, previously codenamed “Molehill,” is a new method/model of 2D and 3D rendering developed by Adobe and supported with a new Stage3D API—a set of low-level GPU-accelerated APIs enabling advanced 2D and 3D capabilities across multiple screens and devices (desktop, mobile, and TV) through the runtimes. More details on Stage 3D.

If you are planning to use Starling Framework or Flash Player to develop your content taking advantage provided by Stage 3D, there are few steps to follow before you start. As Flash Pro CS5 & CS5.5 were shipped before release of Flash Player 11, it is not available in publish option. To make Flash Player available for these IDE’s follow steps here.

Links & Articles

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