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Flashback 2011

Flashback 2011

December 31, 2011 21:45

Year 2011 will go down as year of change, some high some low, mostly lows. From starting the year by having a 3 months break. From Grandmother India to Lowe Lintas. From Design Studio Culture to Corporate Culture. From Hectic Work (which was fun as well) to almost No Work (which is fun as well but in a different way). From Flexible timings to trying to be on Time. From a New Media Developer to Technical Project Manager. From Flash Developer to Developing / Designing almost doing everything which comes in the way.

Loads of plans on the paper,  some never got executed, some are midway and few lost there way completely. There are no major mentions on the project front except that…

Gully Cricket made it to the Chrome Web Store (which happened on one fine night, midnight to be precise) and importantly won the Google Chrome Web Store Contest sponsored by Digit. Got a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 as a prize. Congrats once again to Team Qveda.

Developed few Games, Worked on Mobile Apps, Desktop/Web Applications. And some HTML sites after a long long time. So for most part of the year things were quiet slow and low(e). Hopefully in 2012 things will change again and there will be some exciting work or at-least will try to make it so.

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