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HTML5 Video across multiple devices and platforms

HTML5 Video across multiple devices and platforms

October 4, 2013 19:24

Delivering videos to the audience has become the foremost thing today. Also as every brand is looking to go mobile, video delivery to the devices are important too.

Even in the age of HTML5 & CSS3 it’s quite a bit of challenge to deliver the video across multiple devices and platforms. There are more than 20 video player plugin and tools available to get you through this. Here is the comparison chart of some html5 video players.

From the list of these players the easy to use and integrate player for me was MediaElement.js. Its offers some excellent features and is can be easily customized.  You can control the player using its rich API set.

Notable features

  • Ease of use
  • Flash Fallback
  • Supports most of the devices and platforms with help of multiple file formats
  • Excellent API support for customization
  • Plug and play deploy option with examples
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