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Mobile Frameworks

Mobile Frameworks

January 4, 2012 18:48

The year 2011 goes down as year of Mobiles. The mobile industry has gone quite a distance this year in terms of processing capabilities. This year 2012 it might even cross desktop computing capabilities. This also meant that it will open a new opportunities for developers it terms of application development. Applications are either developed using native language which require separate development for each mobile OS platforms. So the challenge lies in developing it once and deploying it over multiple platforms. This is where following frameworks come in handy for developing apps in HTML, CSS3.


Supported Platform: iOS, Android

AppMobi framework wraps PhoneGap Services and gives a visual tool for development, which is a cloud based. AppMobi claims that PhoneGap have some rough edges but doesn’t define what are the rough edges. Most of the times the XDK is unable to launch.

Titanium Appcelerator

Supported Platform: iOS, Android, RIM Blackberry, Desktop Apps for Linux, mac & Windows. Has its own IDE for development, Titanium Studio or comes as a plugin for Eclipse.


Based on Html 5, CSS, Javascript

Supported Platform: iOS, Android, RIM Blackberry, HP WebOS, Symbian, Bada OS and Windows Mobile Platform.

Detail Featured List:

It’s integrated with Dreamweaver CS5.5 with jQuery. Adobe has acquired Phonegap.


Supported Platform: iOS

Online framework to build mobile apps, visual development tool with predefined page and module structure.

Mobile UI Frameworks


Supported Platform: iOS, Android, RIM Blackberry, HP WebOS, Symbian, Bada OS and Windows Mobile Platform.

UI framework built on jQuery foundation. Sponsored by Nokia, Adobe and Palm OS. Is a light weight library minified 24kb.

Sencha Touch

Supported Platform: iOS, Android, RIM Blackberry.

Another UI framework for Mobile. Library up to 120kb (minified)


Another jQuery plugin for mobile development.

Both Sencha Touch & jQuery Mobile are supported by Phone Gap framework.

Dreamweaver CS5.5 comes integrated with PhoneGap & jQuery Mobile.

Flash CS5.5 allows application development for Android, iOS with AIR


Lightweight database engine for local storage.

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