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One Code Base, Multiple Platforms with Phonegap

One Code Base, Multiple Platforms with Phonegap

May 8, 2013 19:37

Mobile application development with Phonegap for Android, iOS & Blackberry.

Android iOS Blackberry

For past few months i have been working on a internal mobile project for my company. After few days of research Phonegap was finalized as the framework to be used for development. Initially i started off targeting Android platform. The app was developed using  HTML5, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, jQuery Mobile & Phonegap. Initially the development was done in Eclipse with Android Plugin ADT & Android SDK for building the application. Later Phonegap Build Service was used to build the app.

Most of the layouting was done by using media queries to target multiple screen sizes. After successful completion of development for Android platform, focus was shifted to iOS. The port from Android to iOS was seemless as there was almost no code change. For device testing for iOS developer license is required, on Android that can be done directly.

For Blackberry the UI/UX was tweaked a lit bit in areas such as menus and user inputs in some cases as the experience & usability has to be balanced.

The major difference to keep in mind was the way in which user interacts with the devices for Android, iOS (touch) & Blackberry(qwerty keyboard). Working on the application and targeting multiple platform using Phonegap was a great experience.

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