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Getting Feeds from Twitter in Flash

Getting Feeds from Twitter in Flash

September 30, 2010 01:28

I was working on some project recently where the client requirement was to display their twitter feeds on the site. While working around with some twitter API and stuff  found out that there is a simpler method to read those feeds using the xml provide by the twitter for each user account which is know as user timeline.

Check Demo Here

So the next step was to read this xml file and load the feeds in flash. As the file would be access from a different domain a cross domain policy would be required. But an excellent tutorial from Nick Hardeman on ‘‘Loading an XML File From Another Domain Without a Cross-Domain Policy File’’ did the trick. This allowed me to pull the file straight in flash using an intermediate php file.

Now this small application performs quite a few operations such as:

Loads twitter feeds


Reply to the tweet


The loading of XML is only the operation where php is required. All the other functions are done using simple URLRequest. You can change the user timeline just with a single variable. Source Files

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